Wellness, Fitness & Relaxation

A complimentary massage is an included bonus aboard the S.S. Legacy, Safari Endeavour, Safari Explorer, and Safari Voyager.

Onboard amenities allow you to escape and be pampered; nature’s splendor takes care of the rest. And at the end of your cruise, the onboard team will send you off with a renewed sense of beauty and spirit.

• The UnCruise Adventures lifestyle emphasizes both adventure and comfort
• Relaxing in the on-deck hot tub
• Laps around the deck
• A workout on the fitness equipment, or on-deck yoga stretches
• Active adventures: kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and hiking
• Wellness theme cruises: Yoga and fitness experts guest host. Travel with purpose and well-being on a wellness journey with beach yoga, walking meditation, strength training, nutrition sessions, and more


Each vessel has its own unique personality, but all share a universal goal- to provide comfort and relaxation.

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